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    1. tonyeac
      any reason for no updates since March 15?
    2. law firm
      law firm
      A law office will be attempting contact with you soon. Several other email attempts have been sent out to multiple domains as well.
      Avery Lotus [email protected]
      Hedges Law Firm
      Toronto Ontario
    3. law firm
      law firm
      If the videos are not taken down within 24 hours of the message being sent, legal action will be pursued and taken against the owners and any participants involved with any of the websites or links that the videos are being shown. The maximum penalty of participating with; is 5 different counts of child pornography .
    4. law firm
      law firm
      Being 15 years of age and distributing these videos with Mila7531 in them, immediately classify's it of being a very serious federal offence; distributing 9 different counts of "child pornography"
    5. law firm
      law firm
      These websites have uploaded these recordings without any type of granted permission and the girl that has been portraying as Mila7531 is only 15 years of age.This being said, makes it illegal under the statutory age of law and denying the websites restrictions stated.
    6. law firm
      law firm
      Username - mila7531 has a myfreecams account that she has webcammed on several times from . There has been videos recorded of her live webcamming feed from third party individuals such as;,, as well as others you own and your ip address may be linked to or affiliated with.
    7. law firm
      law firm
      ***I have tried several times to fill out a DMCA Report on your domain, but it will not work or process through.
      If this email does not reach the owners or administrators of the websites in question, local police authorities could be reported, and your whereabouts may be investigated to pursue further questioning of this case.
    8. Fedina
      I will continue to write to you until eliminate my videos
    9. Fedina
      The form to enter the DMCA is not working. Please get ready. If you have any questions, you may contact me.
    10. Fedina
      I hereby request that you act expeditiously to remove or disable access to the videos described. As the owner of the copyright in this video, I have a good-faith belief that the use of the video at is not authorized by me or by any provision of the law. I also declare, under penalty of perjury, that I am the copyright owner and the information in this notification is accurate to the best of my knowledge.
    11. Fedina
      As the copyright owner, I assure you that I did not give permission for this video to be posted on the web page described. Pursuant to the provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998, 17 U.S.C. ยง512(c), please consider this letter actual notice via written notification that this infringing material is being stored and/or resides on a system controlled by you.
    12. Fedina
      Dear sirs: I am the author of the photos and videos which were posted on the website at the following locations: #1121, #1122, #1123, #1124, #1125, #1126, #1127, #1128, #1129, #1130, #1131, #1132, #1133, #2541, #2542, #3537, #3538, #3539, #3540, #4809, #4810, #4811, #4812, #4813, #4814, #4815, #4816, #4817, #4818, #4819, #4820, #383, #384, #385, #386, #387, #388.
    13. docbenito
      Must be a hitch in your getter, nothing new since Wednesday last 9/23/15?
    14. gb2826
      upstore links are not working!
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    15. Paladin
      This i sto notify you that I would like to terminate my membership effective immediately.
    16. foundyou
      can you remove all files from belabee, all messages and dmca requests have been ignored so far, It seems awfully creepy that a guy would take recordings and pics of my shows every day. I will be seeking legal action if these are not removed.
    17. adam1980
    18. docbenito
      Are you aware your Upstore links haven't worked since Thurs, 6/18/15 or have you been shut down?
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    19. cumseecum
      Please have all 39 files of cumseecum videos and images removed immediately of my client "Cumseecum" or compensate him for them. This is infringement of the US copyright law, and yes we will be filing a lawsuit.
    20. cumseecum
      cumseecum I am contacting you in regards to the images/videos posted of cumseecum .The recording and posting of these images/videos is an infringement of the US Copyright Law, and you do not have the permission from my client "Cumseecum" to post his content to your site or profit from the sale of his images/videos. Please have these images/videos removed immediately.
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