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Jan 21, 2015
    1. MCLM
      Can you start recording HugePussyLips from MFC again? She came back.
    2. alrog7
      Can you send me the links or put again up the links of penny_lane89x ?
      I will be eternally grateful.
    3. booboob25
    4. King_Max
      Hi Mr. MFC_Lover ;-)
      I renew the compliments for this "gold mine" !!! I have a question for you.
      Whiteflowana has for more than a year been absent from MFC (unfortunately !!!).
      You maybe you have some news?
      Do you have some videos of Whiteflowana yet?
      I do not know if and when you will read me, in any case thank you and the next!
    5. Qaz404
      Dear friend. I want to receive video Ah_montana. It is ready to exchange other videos of Ah_montana.
    6. new guy
      new guy
      How do you search for recent posts ? There's so many files per seconds it'svery hard to find anything here and the search doesn't have results after june 2016
    7. Klept0
      Anyone having playback issues with the videos basically uploaded since July 1? I can't play any of them in KM Player and in VLC I can't seem to fast forward or jump spots in the file. It downloads its full size, but seems to not playback normal.
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      2. Klept0
        However, it does allow me to then play it on VLC. Hopefully whatever they've done to the codecs or whatever that is causing this problem they revert back. Also if they could just get their shit together again that would be fantastic.
        Jul 8, 2017
      3. bloomopus
        Same issues here. It will open and play correctly in other players like Elmedia but I'd much rather use VLC too.
        Jul 9, 2017
      4. Klept0
        I need to test out a few more models, but I think the playback issues for VLC and KM Player have been corrected.
        Jul 15, 2017
    8. Orion
      whats up with videos not being over 2 hours long why are you not uploading the videos that over 2 hours long you are not trying to redeem the sites in anyway thats why you and them suck come on man stop being a douche bag
    9. masokitty
      Since I'm not sure how to contact you privately, this seems to be the only way. You have uploaded material that was definitely NOT AUTHORIZED by the owner (i.e-me) and I want you to take it down.
    10. Orion
      why are so many videos disappearing from the past that so sucks get off your ass and fix it why do the sites suck so much ?
    11. Orion
      all the sites still suck why do all the sites still suck why are the sites so slow now too many shows dont get uploaded your system is so slow it sucks so bad why does it suck so bad how many uploads are the sites so backed up on i bet its a lot in that case the sites should never have an excuse for pausing cause the sites are so slow you should have just quit
    12. Haffron
      A lot of shows are either missing entirely or has only a few minutes recorded. The site was a lot faster prior to March. Hope it will be fixed soon.
      1. Klept0 likes this.
      2. bloomopus
        I still wonder whether this is a subset of the primary MFC archive (i.e. MFC autoarchives on Upstore and this is just an aggregator/filter) or whether an external entity is going to all the trouble of autorecording and uploading sessions. In the former case it'd be interesting to investigate whether the recordings actually exist but are not indexed here. I guess we'll never know...
        Jun 3, 2017
      3. Klept0
        I also noticed this, I was more concerned that it seemed like some popular higher scored models were being skipped out right for weeks. I don't mind some of the shows being condensed, cutting out some of the filler, but yeah only getting a few minutes of the cum show or whatever is not cool.
        Jun 4, 2017
    13. Kingpinthegreat
    14. Klept0
      It seems like the other sites connected to this uploader are still uploading MFC links. They aren't as fast as they were prior to March, but they are still updating. I've come across a few models that I peeped on yesterday who have parts of those shows uploaded.
    15. anis
      and yes the updates stopped again ???????????
    16. bloomopus
      mmm looks like the mfc uploads have stopped since yesterday or so, while the cb ones continue to work ...
    17. Lindy
      Please please please offer premium accounts to avoid shitty captcha and upstore VPN blocking! I want to download hundreds of vids! Take my money!
    18. adam1980
      502 Bad Gateway
    19. superburger
      is there any way to ask for a reup for something that got removed before?
    20. bloomopus
      Now that everything seems to be updating regularly again, I find I am missing most of the updates of the models I follow (mainly mid- to bottom rung, admittedly). So sad.

      I wonder if there is any way to influence/request that models be added to the monitoring queue.

      My sources are camgirlvideos and camshowdownload. Any other Upstore aggregators out there?
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    Lunar Orbit