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Jan 21, 2015
    1. prydus
      Do you have sid prescott her vids maybe somewhere else uploaded or could you maybe email them to me?
    2. DavidRMCF
      Thanks for your work anyway!
    3. DavidRMCF
      Hi, there is a form to download your videos without a premium account? Im trying to download the sexyofficegirl videos but I cannot download anyone. It is possible to download it?
    4. est521
      Hey, this is sexybabe520. I'm no longer camming, and would really, really appreciate it if you could remove my posts from your page. You can personally have them, but I don't want them floating around on the internet when I'm trying to move on with my life. Please let me know!!!!
    5. crazy
      you are violating copy right laws by posting justuswisconsin you DO NOT have permission to post any videos or pictures of her i am formally requesting that you remove any and all material of justuswisconson.
    6. jameslight
      Hey! You know what time do live warriorqueenn and on that site?
    7. Michael Savage
      Michael Savage
      Hey There! we are cam users Theedgeofkaos... I don't mind you hosting my chaturerbate videos, as long as your willing to send me copies of the files I won't ask for them to be taken down
    8. JenidiaRay
      I, JenidiaRay, certify under penalty of perjury, that I am the owner of certain intellectual property rights.
      I hereby demand that you act expeditiously remove or disable access to the material or items claimed to be infringing. I did not authorize my images or digital content to be used or sold by this site.
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      2. JenidiaRay
        If anyone would like to buy my content from me find me on MFC not buying through this theif
        Feb 24, 2015
      3. twentycouple
        he delete it?
        Apr 24, 2015
    9. Gilma Herrera
      Gilma Herrera
      I'm cjpq2525 ...Hi ... Please i need to be removed photos and videos that are hosted on your page are my images with the nickname cpjq2525 and have not been authorized. Thanks
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    10. richTV
    11. Chaos44
      I would suggest that to all of you that have been affected my this illegal recording and posting of videos consult legal counsel. The owners and admin's on this site are not complying with the DMCA regulations and will not respond to any messages.
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    12. Chaos44
      Chaos44 I have filed a Cease and Desist Court Order with the owner of the site along with the hosting company of this site. Next week a Cease and Desist Court Order will go out to all major search engines shutting down all search access to this site. This page must be removed and no other videos be posted. You have been recording videos on here illegally without permission
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    13. howitoo
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    14. doggy
      Do you know what cam site Ivoncurly is working at?
    15. onepureangel
      Hi.can u tell me who allowed u to film me and to put my videos here? So ...cuz im a studio girl my boss is not thankfull for that ...he didnt authorize u to record or anything ...if u dont remoce all the videos the studio and i will be forced to continue with legal action ...i think that u earned enough money on our back...we have contract only with imlive site ...remove the videos onepureangel...thanks for now
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    16. kay
      hi, I want to be removed all my videos with the name kllara, make_me_scream , MAKEmeSCREAM_ ,REBEKKA, I don't like them to fly all over here, thank you, I;m waiting your feedback
    17. Sabo_
      I know very well the Aeena and DaisyHot she does not authorize any recording or anything like that ... I ask you to remove the images and recordings site and this forum also ... Thanks
    18. Chaos44
      SECOND NOTICE - all videos that are posted of "Codester46" need to be removed immediately. You have received my clients DMCA Notice, if we do not receive a response and the videos are not removed. We will be forced to continue with legal action as outlined in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Please remove all of the infringed material immediately. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.
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    19. SpicyFlexFit
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    20. black
      I hope that you will remove all my videos on your site and delete them from your devices so any law process will be engaged. My name is black224 and i donĀ“t want to see the videos there next time i visit your site. Thank you
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    Jan 1, 1980 (Age: 37)
    Lunar Orbit